Selfies? #LooksNothingLikeMe

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This applies to every assignment I’ve ever done for Uni. EVERY ASSIGNMENT D:

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» Am I fully back yet?

No, not really.

Actually, I’m wondering what the fuck happened to me.

I never used to hate people so much yet now I find myself filled with reprehensible loathing for many people I used to know.

God, I’d like to think this is a side-effect of being socially-stunted, but maybe I’m just a bitch.

I don’t see people that much anymore. The only time anyone ever seeks out my company is when they need a study buddy (which generally means I get the privilege of proof-reading assignments and sharing my lecture notes) or if anyone does seek out my company for social purposes the onus is on me to plan everything (or alternatively everybody seems to have shitty timing when it comes to inviting me to social outings, if ever). 

Then again it can’t be helped that nearly all of my friends are far away and have their own lives to live and that any friends I do have that live nearby are all busy with their own lives too.

In the mean time at least I have some free time to catch up on my recreational reading. I guess the best part is that when I’m reading I can pretend that people actually want me…in short:

What I used to be like ->

What I’m like now ->

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My feet have transformed into Dragons #newsocks

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Inking a sketch inspired by Botticelli’s painting ‘The Birth of Venus’ #CantSleep

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Started watching @markcrilleyreal’s how-to manga videos and thought Id try out the style again (disclaimer-sketch not based on any tutorial) #procrastination

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Disclaimer: Illustration of brain is based on artistic interpretation and is in no way an accurate representation of what a brain actually looks like.

Addendum: Is my blog dead yet?

I will admit that the past few months or so have left this blog looking quite dead - then again, the world of higher education does have a tendency to eat up all of my free time. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even had time to draw much beyond the occasional shitty doodle as posted above. If I’m not working on assignments/studying for exams then I’ll be busy with personal family issues too private for me to disclose here or trying to catch up on my sleep. I’ve also been losing weight from not eating enough at times and I’ve been getting headaches too (my parents believe this is due to lack of proper sleep) so my art (and therefore this blog) have been put on the backburner in the mean time.

However, if anyone is interested in shit that I reblog, I do have another blog here which has sadly become more active than this one just because reblogging does take minimal effort.

Anyway, the mid-term break is coming up soon so maybe I’ll have time to focus and bring my art back up to scratch, but in the mean time I’ll be leaving this blog to collect dust, sorry :’(

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God damn. I’m really out of practice :/

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» What is the point of anything?

I have no fucking idea - all I know is that I have pretty much been inactive on tumblr for the past couple of weeks. Then again, being overseas with minimal internet access will do that to a person.

Anyway, now that university will be starting up soon my positively-positive mood (can you feel the positivity oozing from ‘positively-positive’?) has gone down the shitter. Partially to do with the fact that there will be quite a few people I’ll be trying to avoid this year and mostly to do with………the price of my textbooks. Seriously, I can hear my bank account crying already and I haven’t even bought the damn things yet.

Well, on that note, thankfully I have one week left to get my shit together before my inevitable return to the world of education. 

Peace out.

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Café sketch session #eatsleepdraw

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The result of people-watching at the airport before my flight (which I slept through :P)

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Every so often I like to take some time to write down the most mundane of thoughts…even if those aforementioned thoughts are about mornings, coffee and breakfast.

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Here’s some diary stuff I forgot to scan.

I’ve been having a fairly decent year so far…then again it’s only been three days so I don’t think I can fairly judge yet.

Things have been pretty busy - I’ve been working though a lot of family issues that are too private to share on this blog. However it would seem that things are getting better and for that I am glad.

In one week I will be travelling back to the Philippines to visit my Mum’s family. Even though I’ve been there many times I still feel excitement - so at the very least this gives me something to look forward to. 

Then after that I will be undertaking the final year of my degree. If all goes well I should be able to graduate by the end of this year hopefully. 

I’m writing this to remind myself of the good things - because I forgot them so easily in the previous year that I dragged myself down and to be honest it’s my own damn fault that things went to shit. 

I don’t want that process to repeat itself again.

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Disregard my last post - I almost forgot to upload this one :)

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Here’s the last one - this was just a sketch I did for fun :)

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